The Virtual Telescope Project announces an important partnership with Seeweb, now powering its web technologies: 16 May 2017

After more than ten years of activities, which made the Virtual Telescope Project one of the most effective facilities in the world both in astronomical research and public outreach, we are proud to announce a new important partnership, assuring us a giant leap into the future.

The C14 (left) and the PW17 (right) units now part of the robotic Virtual Telescope Project facility

The C14 (left) and the PW17 (right) units now part of the robotic Virtual Telescope Project facility

Starting from 8 May 2017, all our web technologies and services are hosted and managed by Seeweb, a leading Company which was the first to introduce cloud-based solutions on the Italian market. Last March, Seeweb won the Premio Innovazione SMAU 2017. Thanks to their technologies, the Virtual Telescope Project’s website performances dramatically improved, with immense benefits for our visitors and participants to our many online, live observing events. The resulting experience is now truly outstanding.

Seeweb made some of their state-of-the-art solutions available, including their Web Accelerator appliance, really boosting the overall website performances and working in concert with a careful fine tuning of the whole infrastructure. It is hosted on a powerful cloud server, assuring an extensive scalability and providing guaranteed parameters (Memory, Cpu, Network), the best possible solution to fit the needs of the Virtual Telescope Project, especially when tens of thousands of viewers are expected to reach us within a couple of hours or so.

The Seeweb team is proud to make available their technologies, support and experience to the Virtual Telescope Project, which reputation worldwide is amazing, to say the least. Powering a facility bringing no less than the Universe down to Earth, live, everywhere there is a computer connected to the Internet, is for them a very exciting experience.

Dr. Gianluca Masi (astrophysicist and founder of the Virtual Telescope Project) made this agreement with Dr. Antonio Baldassarra (CEO at Seeweb) and collaborators: they worked enthusiastically to find and shape the best solution possible. Quite curiously, both the Virtual Telescope Project and Seeweb are based in the area of Frosinone, in Central Italy, less than 10 km apart.

Since it started operations in 2006, the Virtual Telescope Project showed the Cosmos in real-time to more than 6 millions of individuals from more than 200 Countries, an unprecedented record. All this for free. Having such a great partner as Seeweb and a new, highly performing web service makes possible for us to offer more to our viewers, with much more enjoyment, fun and learning.

To celebrate this important partnership, next 19 May, starting at 19:30 Universal Time, the Virtual Telescope will show in real-time, online, the spectacular supernova SN 2017eaw, just discovered in the wonderful galaxy NGC 6946, thanks to the telescopes we have in Italy. The live view will be accessible on

The Virtual Telescope is supported by UnitronItalia Instruments, Software Bisque,Seeweb and other sponsors

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