Galactic Nova ASASSN-17hx is still rising – 21 July 2017

After one week from our previous observation, we looked for the galactic nova ASASSN-17hx again, finding it brighter, at least on CCD images! This objects continues to shines for most of the night, waiting for you observing it.

Galactic nova ASASSN-17hx in Scutum: 21 July 2017

Galactic nova ASASSN-17hx in Scutum: 21 July 2017

The image above is the average of five, 30-seconds exposures, unfiltered, remotely taken with “Elena” (PlaneWave 17″+Paramount ME+SBIG STL-6303E) robotic unit available at Virtual Telescope. The image scale is 1.2″/pixel.

Doing photometric analysis on some of our images, we measured a magnitude of 9.7 (unfiltered, R-mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4), which means the star brightened a few tens of magnitude in a week.  In one month from its discovery, it gained two full magnitudes in CCD images. Accordingly to the AAVSO , visually it still shines around mag. 10.4/10.5, accessible with very small instruments.

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