“Farewell, Tiangong 1: online observation of the Chinese Space Station”: 28 Mar. 2018

As we know, the Tiangong 1 Chinese Space Station is reentering our atmosphere soon. Next 28 March, the Virtual Telescope Project and Tenagra Observatoires offer you the unique chance to see it during one of its very last passages across the skies. You can join us online, via the internet, from the comfort of your home.

"Farewell, Tiangong 1": poster of the event

“Farewell, Tiangong 1”: poster of the event

The reentry is expected to happen around April 2 and there is a chance that some debris may survive and impact the ground. The potential impact region ranges from +42.7 to – 42.7 degrees in latitude, so it is very huge. In short, the probability you will be struck by one of these possibly surviving debris is EXTREMELY low.

The Virtual Telescope Project and Tenagra Observatories, on the behalf of their partnership, offer you the opportunity to see the Tiangong 1 station during one of its final passes across the stars. This live coverage is scheduled for 28 March 2018, starting at 12:20 UTC. This date/time can be re-adjusted,keep an eye on this page for updates.

To join our Tiangong 1 live stream, you just need to enter, at the date and time above, our webTV page here!

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