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Comet 252P/Linear: 03 June 2016

Comet 252P/Linear: an image (03 June 2016)

Almost two months after our previous observations, we imaged comet 252P/Linear again. This comet had an historic close fly-by with the Earth in March. Comet was reported to be fadind fast early on June 4. The...

Comet 252P/Linear: 11 Apr. 2016

Comet 252P/Linear: an image (11 Apr. 2016)

Comet 252P/Linear has been and still is a well observed comet out there, while on the way to its fly-by with the Earth last 21 Mar. and now that it is leaving us. Despite its motion is...

Comet C/2011 J2 Linear: 7 Sept. 2014

C/2011 J2 Linear: nucleus splitting

Late last August, several observers (F. Manzini, V. Oldani, and A. Dan, Stazione Astronomica di Sozzago, Italy; R. Crippa, Osservatorio di Tradate, Italy; and R. Behrend, Geneva Observatory) noted that comet C/2011 J2 Linear was apparently showing...


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