Live event: “Happy Birthday, Virtual Telescope!”

The Celestron C14 (left) and Planewave 17 (right) units.
The Celestron C14 (left) and Planewave 17 (right) units.

Next 7 Sept. the Virtual Telescope will celebrate its 6th birthday with a special, free online event, offering an unforgettable journey across the Universe.

So far, almost 1.300.000 of individuals from 200 Countries enjoyed the skies through our systems, while it was used for many astronomical discoveries, making the Virtual Telescope the most active, robotic facility in the world in science and education.

To celebrate out 6th birthday, we will offer an online tour through the Cosmos.

To join the event, you just need your internet connection and the Virtual Telescope will do the rest, sharing real time images from its telescopes and a live commentary provided by its staff.

Explore the Cosmos live, while meeting and chatting with other people from all around the world, sharing your same passion!

The event is scheduled for 7 Sept. 2012 at 20:30 Universal Time (to see this time in your timezone, chech here: The event will be in English and will be hosted as usual on our WebTV page.

The Universe is waiting for you, are you ready?


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