NGC 2419, the “Intergalactic Wanderer”

NGC 2419

NGC 2419

NGC 2419 (more data) is a globular cluster located in the pale Lynx constellation. It was discovered by W. Herschel in 1788 and it is quite far from the center of our Milky Way, at about 300.000 light years (twice the distance of the Large Magellanic Cloud).

At the beginning, it was not clear if it was orbiting aaround our galaxy or not: it takes about 3 billions of years for an orbit to be concluded. It is a quite intrinsetically bright cluster. The very bright star in front of it is much closer to us and adds some depth to the vision.

The image above comes from four, 15-minutes exposures obtained remotely with the PlaneWave 17 robotic unit. The images were averaged.


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