Upgrading the software suite at the Virtual Telescope: 1 feb. 2013

TheSkyX Pro: the new software running at the Virtual Telescope

TheSkyX Pro: the new software running at the Virtual Telescope

The Virtual Telescope Project is always working hard to keep all its systems up-to-date, in order to assure those amazing performances and reliability making it a reference in the world.

Thanks to the support of Software Bisque, one of our long term (since 1996) and most important sponsors, we are now updating all the software controlling our robotic telescopes. Since we started, we used TheSkySix family, loving its power, reliability and accuracy. Now, we are updating to TheSkyX Professional and related items, in order to exploit all the advances made in these new releases.

In particular, the new software will provide amazing tracking capabilities of very fast moving objects. Also, the new modeling software will assure an all-sky pointing accuracy within 10″ or so.

Above, is a screen shot of the new graphic interface.

Up to now, we managed to install the new TheSkyX, with TpointX (assuring an outstanding  pointing accuracy) and the plug to control the CCD cameras. As soon as the sky will be clear, we will test the whole system

We wish to thank Software Bisque, particularly Tom Bisque, for the invaluable help and work, even in this last effort!


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