Near-Earth asteroid (277475) 2005 WK4 is approaching: an image (2 Aug. 2013)


Near-Earth asteroid (277475) 2005 WK4: 2 Aug. 2013

Near-Earth asteroid (277475) 2005 WK4: 2 Aug. 2013

Near-Earth asteroid (277475) 2005 WK4 was expected to approach our planet again next 9 Aug. We tried to recover it remotely using the PlaneWave 17″ robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope Project. The asteroid was estimated around mag. 18, so relatively faint for an object low above the NE horizon and already moving at about 8″/minute.

Thanks to the Paramount ME, it was possible to track it, so optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio, recording this flying rock, as visible in the image above.

The Virtual Telescope will show this asteroid live, online, next 9 Aug. 2013: join this session for free!


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