Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 HV2: an image (26 Apr. 2014)

Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 HV2: 26 Apr. 2014

Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 HV2: 26 Apr. 2014

On 29 Apr. 2014 at 08:29 UT, the near-Earth asteroid 2014 HV2 will be at 520.000 km from the Earth, that is 1.4 times the mean distance of the Moon. It will be a nice chance to detect this 30-meters large body in the sky. Of course, there are absolutely no risks at all for us.

Above is a 180-seconds exposure, remotely taken with the Planewave 17 robotic unit; the telescope tracked the target at its apparent motion, so stars are showing as trails, while 2014 HV2 is a sharp, dot in the center of the image. Clearly, two artificial satellites crossed the field of view.

This asteroid will be shown live on 28 Apr. 2014, starting at 22:00 UT!

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