29 April 2014: Partial Solar Eclipse – live event, online!

29 April 2014 Solar Eclipse: poster

29 April 2014 Solar Eclipse: poster

an official event for Global Astronomy Month (April 2014)

*** Join it LIVE here! ***

Next 29 April 2014, the Sun will offer a very rare, non-central annular eclipse, which will be visible as such from a small patch in Antarctica. As a spectacular partial eclipse, it will be visible from part of Australia, at sunset. The Virtual Telescope Project was asked by many people to plan something, also because April is Global Astronomy Month, so we wanted to meet that request, after the amazing success of the similar initiative for the recent total lunar eclipse.

We had the idea to look for collaborators willing to join this international effort and a few answered: we decided to go! The team making the live event is composed by

  • astrophotographer: Dean Hooper (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia);
  • astrophotographer: John Stevenson (Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia);
  • astrophotographer: Chris Stockdale (Latrobe Valley Astronomical Society, “Hazelwood Observatory”, near Morwell, Victoria, Australia)
  • astrophotographer: Veronica Sullivan (Wycheproof, Victoria, Australia);
  • astrophotographer: Alex Runic (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
  • astrophotographer: Geoffrey Wyatt (Dalby, Queensland, Australia)
  • coordinator and live comment: astrophysicist Gianluca Masi (The Virtual Telescope Project, Italy).

If you want be part of the team, please let us know.

*** Join it LIVE here! ***


Join us on April 29, starting at 06.00 Universal Time! You just need to access our online webTV, click here!


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