Comet C/2014 E2 Jacques: a new image (30 Aug. 2014)

Comet C/2014 E2 Jacques: 30 Aug. 2014

Comet C/2014 E2 Jacques: 30 Aug. 2014

Comet C/2014 E2 Jacques was observed again on 30 Aug. 2014.

The image above comes from 7, 180-seconds exposures, remotely taken with the  17″ robotic unit part of the Virtual Telescope.  They were median combined to remove the interference by the stars as much as possible. The telescope’s mount tracked the apparent motion of the comet. The ion tail is constantly fading. The comet was close to IC 1396 and to Mu Chephei, so the background is not uniform.

The image was carefully processed and nonlinear stretching was used to show both the bright central condensation and faint tail details.

The image scale is 1.2″/pixel.

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