PGC 13880 and PSN J03481978+7007545: an image

PGC 13880 and PSN J03481978+7007545

PGC 13880 and PSN J03481978+7007545

There are so many wonders out there, in the Universe, that is simply impossible for us to see all of them. To the point that sometimes we unexpectedly discover something very beautiful just by chance. This happens, for example, when we point our telescope to a transient object, like a comet, an asteroid or a supernova, finding a wonderful cluster or a galaxy in the same field of view, something we were not aware of.

Surely, this is the case for the supernova candidate PSN J03481978+7007545, recently observed at Virtual Telescope to provide precious follow-up soon after its discovery. Once the 17″ robotic unit slewed to its position, the hosting galaxy PGC 13880 appeared in all its beauty. The possible supernova was showing close to the galactic nucleus.

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