The Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn: a celestial meeting from my balcony – 19 Mar. 2020

The Moon made a nice meeting with planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, early today at dawn. I managed to capture the group from my balcony in Rome.

The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars shine at dawn. 19 Mar. 2020

The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars shine at dawn. 19 Mar. 2020

I managed to wake up on time to capture the show, after checking it was visible from my balcony. Here in Italy we are facing the Covid-19 issue and we are asked to stay at home, avoiding unnecessary trips, so I wanted to have a look from home.

I used one of my Canon 5D mark IV DSLR bodies and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens, both installed on a solid tripod. Luckily, I had enough clear skies in the right direction (S-E) to spot the parade.

As you can see, the Waning Moon was showing a beautiful “Earthshine”, while the three planets were brightly visible: Jupiter showed its four Galilean Moons. Below is the same image as above, but with the planets properly labelled, to help in their identification.

Planets are labelled with their names

Planets are labelled with their names

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