M 57 – Lyr


M 57, the "Ring" nebula

M 57, the "Ring" nebula

With no doubts, Messier 57 is the  most famous planetary nebula in the sky. It is often called the “Ring” nebula, for obvious reasons. It was discovered by A. D. de Pellepoix in 1779 and found again by C. Messier few days later. It hosts a central white dwarf, the remnant of a Sun-like mass responsible for the emission of the nebular gas.

This image was captured with the Celestron C14″, part of the Virtual Telescope Project. It shows a truly amazing detail, thanks to the excellent seeing at the observatory site. The OTA in installed on a Paramount ME mount, by Software Bisque. The CCD camera is a SBIG ST8-XME. The image scale is of 0.62″/pixel.

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