Supernova SN 2013ev in IC 1296


Supernova SN 2013ev in IC 1296: 15 Aug. 2013

Supernova SN 2013ev in IC 1296: 15 Aug. 2013

Those loving stargazing are well aware of Messier 57, one of the most beautiful deep sky objects. Quite interesting, this famous nebula is apparently close to a galaxy, IC 1296. This is a mere perspective effect, as the galaxy is placed at about 220 millions of light years, with M57 at “only” 2500 light years.

A few nights ago, a supernova was discovered there, now named SN 2013ev,  and the PlaneWave 17″ unit imaged it on the following nights. The resulting image is above, from 15 Aug. 2013: an average of 9, 300-seconds exposures, showing the supernova pretty well. We measured a mag. 17.2R.


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