Nova Cygni 2014 brighter (6 Apr. 2014)

Nova Cyg 2014: 06 Apr. 2014

Nova Cyg 2014: 06 Apr. 2014

Last night, at Virtual Telescope we wanted to visit Nova Cygni 2014, after our prompt, very precious follow-up done soon after the transient was spotted in the sky.

The PlaneWave  17″robotic unit took three, 60-seconds, unfiltered exposures: they were averaged and the resulting frame is shown above.

Photometry provided an estimate for Nova Cyg 2014 brightness and it resulted to be (on 6.12 April 2014, the time of the image above) mag. 10.2 (R mags for the reference stars from UCAC-4). The star is 0.8 mag brighter than five days ago.

The object is easy to see with a small, 3 inches or so telescope: below is a chart showing were Nova Cygni 2014 is.

Nova Cygni 2014 (was PNV J20214234+3103296): star chart

Nova Cygni 2014 (was PNV J20214234+3103296): star chart

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