Happy Birthday, Virtual Telescope! Eight Years of Stars – online event (21 Aug. 2014)

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The C14 (left) and the PW17 (right) units now part of the robotic Virtual Telescope Project facility

The C14 (left) and the PW17 (right) units now part of the robotic Virtual Telescope Project facility

*** Enter the LIVE event here ! ***

Next 21 Aug. the Virtual Telescope Project will celebrate its 8th birthday with a special, *free* online event, offering an unforgettable journey across the Universe.

So far, several millions of individuals from 230 Countries enjoyed the skies through our systems, while it was used for many astronomical discoveries in many different areas, making the Virtual Telescope the most active, robotic facility of its size in the world. Considering that the project has NO funds, this looks like a record never seen in the world. That is the force of a great idea.

To celebrate our 8th birthday, we will offer an online tour through the Cosmos. We will present the results of this unique project, sharing some of the most important achievements, before leaving for our cosmic journey.

The event is scheduled for 21 Aug. 2014 at 20.30 Universal Time (to see this time in your timezone, check here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/). The event will be in English and will be hosted at the following webpage: http://www.astrowebtv.org/

We promise a spectacular experience

To join, you just need to enter, at the date and time above, our webTV page here!


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