Near-Earth Asteroid 2014 RC very close encounter: star map

Asteroid 2014 RC: position for 7 Sept. 2014, from 08 to 20 UT

Asteroid 2014 RC: position for 7 Sept. 2014, from 08 to 20 UT

While asteroid 2014 RC is approaching us for a spectacular close encounter, we wanted to provide here a map showing its path across the stars around the time of its minimum distance from us.

Above is a chart, showing the asteroid on 7 Sept. 2014 from 08:00 UT to 20:00UT, with a step of 30 minutes. The position was calculated via the JPL/Nasa’s Horizon ephemeris generator for an observer placed in the center of the Earth. As the asteroid will come closer than 1/10th of the lunar distance, the parallax effect will be quite strong, so observers must use their exact topocentric position to generate a correct, reliable ephemeris.

The plot above was made by Gianluca Masi, using TheSkyX by Software Bisque.

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