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    Comet 209P/Linear possible meteor shower: online, live coverage (23/24 May 2014)

    > See Camelopardalids LIVE, click here! <

    Comet 209P/Linear possible meteor shower: poster

    Comet 209P/Linear possible meteor shower: poster

    > See Camelopardalids LIVE, click here! <

    Next 23/24 May comet 209P/Linear, discovered in Feb. 2004, may possibly put an amazing show in the sky, with an exceptional meteor shower.

    Calculations by Esko Lyytinen, Peter Jenniskens, Mikhail Maslov and J´er´emie Vaubaillon indicated there was such a chance, as ~ 100 years old dust trails from this comet are coming very close to us on those days. The meteors would radiate from a region of the sly where the pale constellation of Camalopardalis, so these meteors are also called by many Camelopardalids.

    Comet 209P/Linear: 20 May 2014

    Comet 209P/Linear: 20 May 2014

    Predictions suggest that the moment of the show could be 07:00 UT of 24 May, while the best places to try to look at this possible shower are Southern Canada and US.

    > See Camelopardalids LIVE, click here! <

    At Virtual Telescope we were asked to try to make possible to all the globe to look at this, so we scheduled a live coverage, thanks to several observers in the right part of the world. So we scheduled the live coverage for 24 May, starting at 05:30 UT.

    For this international events, we teamed up with several observers in USA and Canada: they will provide wide field images for live sharing via our webtv. So far, this is the team working on this program:

    • astrophotographer: Joaquin Fabrega Polleri (Asociacion Panameña de Aficionados a la Astronomia, Panama);
    • astrophotographer: Gary Varney (South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association, Florida);
    • astrophotographer: Fernando Rodriguez (South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association, Florida);
    • astrophotographer: Ron Delvaux (Delvaux Observatory, Arizona);
    • astrophotographer: John W. Johnson (Omaha Astronomical Society, Nebraska)
    • astrophotographer:  Malcolm Park (Toronto, Canada)
    • astrophotographer:  Bill Longo (Toronto, Canada)
    • astrophotographer: James McCue (New Mexico, Usa) 
    • astrophotographer: Marcy Malavasi (Altair, Costa Rica)
    • astrophotographer: Matt Todor (florida, USA)
    • coordinator and live comment: astrophysicist Gianluca Masi (The Virtual Telescope Project, Italy).

    If you want be part of the team providing images for this live feed, please let us know.

    > See Camelopardalids LIVE, click here! <


    Join us on May 24, starting at 05:30 UT Universal Time! You just need to access our online webTV, click here!

    Please wait while you are redirected...or Click Here if you do not want to wait.

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