International Space Station (ISS) races above Rome: a glimpse of space from the Eternal City

Every time the International Space Station (ISS) crosses the sky above Rome, it offers a wonderful sight. Here it was flying above the Great Synagogue, beside Orion and Taurus.

The International Space Station is flying over Rome, on 5 Apr. 2019

The International Space Station is flying over Rome, on 5 Apr. 2019

You know: I love looking at the International Space Station and capture it above Rome. I have been doing this a few times now, to the point that I have some of these photos unpublished, as in this case.

The image above is from last Spring, with the Winter constellations quickly leaving the Western scenery, but still available for a while. The ISS made a spectacular and bright pass, rising from NW (exactly behind the dome of “Sant’Andrea della Valle”) and quickly climbing the sky. Then it entered the Earth’s shadow, fading to black. The sky was very clear, so despite light pollution, many stars were visible. You can easily recognize the Pleiades star cluster, in Taurus.

Below, from the right, you see the domes of the “Sant’Andrea della Valle”, “San Biagio e Carlo ai Catinari” and “Santa Maria in Portico Campitelli” churches, with the Great Synagogue on the left: amazing, isn’t it?

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